3 months down…

Sorry to have missed out on the third tranch of OneAndOther ballot selections, even though I was glad not to have had to give up a place had I been selected for August. Preferrring to be in NZ!

4th Pillar update – June

The first ballot for places on @OneAndOther on the 4th Pillar took place on the 1 June. With over 1850 people signed up from the South East area’s 334 places, anyone’s chance was only about 18% anyway (only a 5% chance in London area). And I wasn’t one of the first tranch selected, for July. But do check out the site to see what some folks are planning to get up to.

Now I have a tricky issue, as I am going all antipodean for most of August, so I will be livid if I get selected somewhere in that month, and have to forfeit my place…

Ten Thousand – and One Other

Aside: 10,001 on #OneAndOther .

I promise not to post too many times on the One & Other project on the Fourth Plinth site in Trafalgar Square, but in less than a fortnight over 10,000 people have signed up for an hour on the plinth.

Ten Thousand and One (&) Other
Ten Thousand and One (&) Other

When I first applied (see image on my last post in this thread) I was within the national totals, with a chance of getting in. You can see a regional map of how applications are going on the One & Other site.

You can track One & Other info on Twitter too. I have been logging/twittering the change percentages on there.

In the South East, the current chance of being picked in the ballot is 21.6%, down from 24% and 29% within the last week. The worst chance you stand of getting a place in the ballot is the London area, with over 4,500 people trying for just over 300 places, making only a 6.6% chance of being picked: your best chance remains to live in or move to Northern Ireland, with a 73% chance (currently) of getting picked.

I have had trouble finding the details about the Borsetshire figures, but I am sure that Lynda Snell is making too many waves about the whole project, keeping it all in the public eye, reducing everybody’s chance of getting on in the the so-called interests of maximising publicity and participation. Pah!

Please, God…

“Please, God, no more colouring…” is the astute headline on today’s Church Times.

Church Times 1 May 2009
Please, God, no more colouring…

It comes from an article on encouraging spirituality amongst the very young, which unfortunately, if you are not a subscriber, you probably won’t be able to read. Good though.

We try to do good stuff with and for kids, introducing them to Jesus, but I am conscious the we still fall sadly short at times…