BBC News interview on Sabina Nessa, 24 September 2021

Following the discovery of Sabina Nessa ‘s body near the OneSpace community centre in Kidbrooke, the Diocese of Southwark was asked for a comment.

Alastair Cutting interviewed about Sabina Nessa on BBC News

This video of the live interview with Alastair Cutting, Archdeacon of Lewisham & Greenwich, was broadcast by BBC News on 24 September 2021.

As well as focussing on the shocking murder of local teacher Sabina Nessa, the video includes mention of:

  • Archdeacon Mina Smallman, Biba Henry, and Nicole Smallman
  • violence against women, the role for men in stepping up, and Reclaim These Streets,
  • the OneSpace youth and community centre, Greenwich
  • local church members and Christians involved in supporting this community venture by working with young women and young men
  • how the Christian faith and ethos touches issues that those dealing with these sorts of circumstances may find strengthening
  • at the heart of the Christian faith is a Father (God) losing his Son (Jesus)
  • local MPs and politicians working with community activists – looking out for one another,
  • bearing one another’s burdens
  • key role for education for our young people in our community centres and schools, with the role of the police community liaison officers

As a new priest in Sheffield, Alastair Cutting had been involved with some of the afterath of the Hillsborough disaster.

With thanks to Megan Paterson for forwarding a copy of the interview. The video clip is 4’53” long.