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iPhone Apps
iPhone Apps

I’m wondering if my reputation of being a bit geeky is catching up with me. I was just checking the number of iPhone Apps, or applications I have. It’s 112. That’s quite a lot, I admit – but I am sure many people have lots more. And in my defence, these have all been free ones so far.

But I suspect the bit that might imply uber-geekyness is that – I don’t even have an iPhone. Nor even an iPod Touch that most of these apps also work on. So how ‘sad’ does that make me?!

Well, not so much sad, really, as stubborn, and stingy. I am sometimes an ‘early adopter’ of new technologies as they come out, especially Apple’s; but if what is about to be released is not perhaps quite as developped as I would hope, I can wait until the next update comes around. For example, my existing 3 or 4 year-old mobile phone takes excellent photos (for it’s size and age). A 2Mpixel iPhone camera couldn’t compete. I waited.

Rumour has it that next week the Apple Developers Conference is the likely place for the next generation of iPhone to be launched. And, not just because it is likely to have a better camera, I think this time around I may go for it.

After all, I need somewhere to keep all those Apps I have been storing.