Michaelangel – oh!

What a gentle man. I bumped in to sign-writer Gary Bevans this week, under his masterpiece. In case it’s not clear later, this is post about recognising artistic flair – or not.

In 1987 Gary saw the Sistine chapel, and came back with the idea that he could reproduce it on the very plain curved ceiling of his unassuming pre-fab aircraft-hanger-like local Roman Catholic parish church. The church of the English Martyrs (didn’t spot Ridley or Latimer amongst the depictions on the windows…!) is in Goring, West Worthing.

Gary Bevans under the Sistine Chapel
Gary Bevans under the Sistine Chapel

I must admit that though I had heard of this Sussex rendition of the Vatican, I hadn’t managed to see it before. And, whilst in the mood for admitting things, after first hearing a little about the painting, (I’m sorry to say…) I wasn’t sure about wanting to. After all, wasn’t it “just a copy”? A derivative?

The Fall - Goring Sistine Chapel
The Fall - Goring 'Sistine Chapel'

Actually, Gary’s rendition is much more than that. Firstly, the design is very cleverly thought out, Continue reading “Michaelangel – oh!”